1. How old are you?

2. Have you ever been to a drive-in theatre?

3. If yes, how many times?

4. Which of the following would you like to attend?

Musical night

5. What is your favourite classic movie?
For suggestions, click here to see the movies page.

6. Which of the following foods would you purchase while at the drive-in?

Popcorn Hot Dogs
Potato chips Pizza Jaffas
Pretzels Cheeseburgers Lollies
Hot Chips Nachos Ice-cream

8. Would you be willing to pay for food delivery during the movie?

9. How many people would be in the car when you come to a drive-in theatre?

10. Do you think there should be an intermission in the middle of the film?

11. Would you prefer the audio in the film to come through your car radio on an FM station or from a wireless handset given to you on your arrival?

12. Would you purchase tickets for a prime location viewing box if you didn't have access to a car?

13. Would you purchase a gift voucher to the theatre for friends, family or colleagues?


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